From the President

    Greetings everyone,

    The FMO Board of Directors and I are shifting our focus to the implementation of our Five Year Growth Plan adopted by the State Assembly in 2017.  Our progress has been slower than expected due to other matters requiring our attention and efforts.

    One of the principles of our plan is inclusion and the last item on that plan is the establishment and reporting of committees.  Although we have asked for volunteers in our magazine and at our District meetings we have not had many responses.

    The objective is to seek fresh ideas and actions through our committees to the Board for consideration and implementation.  Our desire is to manage our organization from the membership up and not the Board down.

    Your input and efforts are needed to make this work.

    We have openings on all of our committees and welcome fresh and diversified ideas.  Membership, Communications, Education, Legislative, DBPR and Consolidated Legal Fund Committees are all in need of members.   Later this year we will be seeking a nominations committee and candidates for our Section Directors, Directors at Large, Vice President and President of the Board of Directors.

    Please contact your District President or our Executive Director Jane Clapp at with your desire to volunteer.  Remember YOUR participation is the best way to have your voice heard.


    Jerry Durham