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Legislation affecting our parks, our subdivisions, our homes and our lives here in Florida is tracked by FMO. We focus primarily on that dealing with manufactured housing but, along with our partners, also track matters related to many issues that ultimately affect our members.

Our Lobbyist, Nancy Black Stewart, monitors and reports on the issues presented in Tallahassee. She also meets regularly with Legislators and staff to promote FMO’s viewpoints and member’s interests. We monitor national legislation through our partners – Primarily Prosperity Now’s I’m Home Network and the National Manufactured Home Owners Association (NMHOA)


The legislation on this list will have the support of FMO through the Political Advocacy Committee.  We will be reaching out to bill sponsors to inform them.

This is a broad-ranging list covering many issues.

No Action is Needed by FMO Members!

FMO 2021 bills to support March 15