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From the President

As we all know FMO was founded by the “Greatest Generation”.  There are many differences between them and today’s resident moving into our communities.  The previous generation believed in strength in numbers and joining together for a common cause.  Today most of them are gone and we are dealing with their children and grandchildren.  Baby Boomers 1946 to 1964 have a different outlook on life.  The following are some of their characteristics.

  • They are computer literate.  They use PC’s, web searches and emails not telephones 78% are online, 71% visit social networks, 52% of 60 to 69 years olds use Facebook.
  • They have more expendable cash and use it for hobbies, travel. 80% owned their home and are educated.  They are living healthier and longer.
  • 55% consider the internet the #1 source for learning although traditional media such as newspapers are still preferred by some.
  • They prefer personalized customer service such as direct contact rather than a string of emails.
  • They do not volunteer just to serve but rather look for ways to put their skills to work.
  • They tend to challenge authority and ask, Why?
  • They view life as a never ending journey with many opportunities.
  • They like incentives such as service for service, prescription discounts and free tuition.

Our approach to them should recognize these traits and differences. We need to offer them opportunities for education and using their skills as well as changing our communication channels to reach them.

They are the future of our organization and we must change in order to meet their desires, media channels and needs

Jerry Durham