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FMO Leaders

This area is for the volunteer leaders of the FMO. Leadership starts with our Park Representatives. These volunteers represent the FMO in their community. They are the foundation on which the organization’s leadership is built. We divide our state geographically into Districts. Each District has a leadership team headed by a District President. Districts are combined into Sections with each section headed by a Section Director. The Section Directors, along with the Officers of the Corporation and the Directors at Large, form the BOARD of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the operation of the organization and reports to the members. Election of members to the Board of Directors is held every two years at our State Assembly.

This area is for material and tools needed to support our leaders in their work to represent current members and invite new residents to join. Please contact your Park Representative or District President If you would like to volunteer to help. We will surely welcome you to our cause! This work is overseen by District Presidents and members of the FMO Board of Directors.