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Cross Country Motor Club

EFFECTIVE May 31, 2022 we will no longer accept Cross Country Motor Club applications. Anyone who has Cross Country currently will continue to receive benefits until your contract expires. 

Since 2000 FMO has been affiliated with Cross Country Motor Club (CCMC), the largest privately held motor club provider in the USA. Now, we’re into our nineteenth year and growing stronger. Thousands of members have already signed up for the Elite Membership and have praised Cross Country for its efficient, fast service. For the small annual fee of $35 added to your FMO membership dues you can upgrade to the Elite membership, a special feature that will provide you with some of the most comprehensive and dynamic benefits offered by any motor club.

Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Road Service
  • Custom Computerized Trip Routing/Map Service
  • Reimbursement for Emergency Travel Expense
  • Emergency Message Service
  • Auto/Truck/RV Rental Discounts
  • Hotel/Motel Discounts
  • Movie Theatre Discounts

Check out the program details HERE!
Order your subscription NOW!

You will receive your membership card from Cross Country in 4 to 6 weeks. Coverage starts as soon as Cross Country receives your application. You can call the FMO office at 850-205-5642 to check on your submittal, obtain a membership number, or receive answers to any other questions.