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    Just blips on the radar or signs of something bigger?

    Many of you likely watched documentaries or history based movies during the 75th anniversary celebration of the D-Day invasion. On the Allied side, we went to considerable lengths to disguise our objectives. On the German side many early warnings were ignored as just random blips. Re-enforcements were delayed as no-one was willing to awaken Hitler from a nap. Reality only sunk in after we gained the necessary strategic foothold.

    In the past few months we have seen headlines from other states where Mobile/Manufactured Home Parks were being bought up by investment companies and shortly thereafter the residents received very large rent increases. I'm sure the few who read them merely shrugged and said "can't happen in Florida - we have 723". Then we heard from Everglades Lakes, bought out by ELS - who received a 9% increase. Most said it was a onetime thing - won't affect us.

    Recently we have heard from one in Brevard County - new owner, ~30% increase in lot rent to residents,  >60% to new residents. Another, with the same new owner, yet to announce increases but already increasing the price to new buyers. (Which directly reduces your house value) Today I have heard from one in Polk County - Different new owner - ~15% increase. The new limit being used isn't comparative parks; it's comparative use of the land, comparative return on investment, and comparative rental opportunities (houses, apartments) nearby. 

    Just blips on the radar or signs of something bigger? - If you are being hit hard, let us know. Parks have become quite complacent in recent years and unscrupulous park owners (not all by any means - but some are clearly predators) can sense weakness.

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