Buying Your First Manufactured Home

    Here’s some information you need BEFORE you buy!

    Do Your Research

    You think you’ve done your homework.  First, you decided on an area of Florida that suits your taste in climate, proximity, and lifestyle. Now you’re thinking perhaps a manufactured home community might just be for you.

    Resident Owned or Land-Lease

    Next choice - will you own the lot in a resident owned community or rent your lot in a land-lease community? If you’re thinking the benefits of a land-lease community best meet your needs, we can help. That’s the type of community our members reside in.

    These communities are governed under Florida state statutes Chapter 723 (if you are interested, you can purchase a copy of the document from our store).  The salesperson will tell you all about amenities, lot rent, taxes, user fees, security, and activities so we’ll get to the things you need to look at that often get missed.

    Your Prospectus

    Most important is a document called the prospectus.  This is both a disclosure by the park and a part of their contract with you as a resident.

    The prospectus generally contains a description of what the park provides, park rules, and the terms of your agreement to rent the lot upon which your home is placed. It is appended to your lot rental agreement, which lists specific charges and your monthly rent.  You absolutely have to read your prospectus carefully before you buy as you will be agreeing to these terms for as long as you live in the park.

    Many parks have more than one prospectus.  If you are buying a used home, an older prospectus, possibly with more favorable terms, might apply. You may also be able to assume an existing lot rental agreement at a lower rent.

    There’s much more included in the FREE buyer package you can download from HERE.

    Try Before You Buy

    New or used home? Both come with a host of questions and options you need to explore. We include a checklist in the buyer’s package.

    For all buyers – what’s the community really like? Try to stay for a weekend in a model or ask if you can use the facilities for a couple days while you stay in the area.

    Meet some residents - We include some questions you should ask and more items to consider in the buyer package.

    Finally, drive the nearby neighborhoods – do they look safe? Are the services you need nearby? (There’s a list to consider in the buyer package)  

    With all this behind you, take one last ride through the community and ask yourself – Does it feel like home?