Your Office Staff are ready to help!

    Phone - 727-530-7539
    FAX - 727-535-9427 

    Jane Clapp
    Executive Director
    [email protected]

    Jane assists the Board of Directors and coordinates activities of the office staff.
    She takes minutes at various meetings, prepares reports,
    compiles manuals 
    and fills requests for resource materials.

    Diane Claus
    Account Executive
    [email protected] 

    Diane maintains Quickbooks
     in doing accounts payable & receivable. She handles CCMC, Advertisers, & various other bookkeeping duties in the FMO office. She also coordinates with
    the Treasurer in financial matters.

    Beth Pankow
    Member Services Manager
    [email protected]


    Beth answers questions
    relating to membership and renewals and cards. She also processes new membership applications and assists Park Representatives and District Officers with information requests, meeting notice information for mailing and maintains monthly
    membership reports for the Board of Directors.