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5 YR Plan

MAY 4, 2017



The purpose of the Federation is to promote the general welfare of its members and protect the rights and interests of manufactured/mobile home owners and to be a consumer advocate for manufactured/mobile home owners.



Protect the interest of manufactured/mobile home owners in Florida



40,000 members in 2022

Continue to lobby the Florida legislature

Meet with elected representative from 50% of Florida’s districts

Become a more cost effective organization

More effective use of volunteers

Create PR and marketing Plans

Improve communications within the organization



Increase membership 10% first year

Review all committee and functions within the next 6 months

Identify educational needs of mobile home owners yearly and develop courses and plans to address those needs.

Encourage and help communities to host legislators from their districts

Create and annual budget for board review and approval

Have detailed financial reporting monthly

Include articles about the FMO sections’ activities in FMO News

During the next 12 months investigate the use of PR – Marketing firms



Investigate and improve membership renewal methods

Get better information about each community

Identify a member in each community to publicize district meetings

Recruit additional officers and members to serve on committees

Delete and add committees as the board deems necessary

All committees to present detailed reports at each board meeting

Establish a volunteer clearinghouse to identify volunteers and their expertise

Develop a canned presentation that all use to promote FMO

Network with other like organizations to exchange information


Action Plans:

Each committee should develop their own action plan to define how their committee will work to implement the 5 year plan by January 31, 2018.