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Since 1962, FMO has not only enthusiastically supported the rights of manufactured home owners, but also has innovatively anticipated problems and moved to preemptively strike any attempts by park owners to challenge those rights. Ever vigilant, FMO’s Board of Directors, lobbyist, and legal counsel keep watchful eyes on Tallahassee and on the industry, sentries that ensure that you remain safe at home.

Join the FMO now and ensure that our work will continue. FMO memberships cost just $22 a year; but if you’d like to take advantage of our best value, consider a 3- year membership for $55, a savings of $11. For an addtional $13.00 annually you will be upgraded to our premium membership where you will have exclusive access to a discount and coupon program that far outshines all of its competitors.

Cross Country Motor Club: Add just $30 dollars to your FMO membership to join the Motor Club. You'll get Cross Country Motor Club benefits for a full 12 months for you and your spouse! Renewals to the Cross Country portion will be billed separately from your FMO membership.

  • Cross Country Motor Club offers excellent affordable emergency road protection.
  • www.fmo.org provides easy access to the latest news that affects manufactured home living.
  • District meetings provide interesting programs with qualified speakers addressing issues important to you.
  • A Lobbyist in Tallahassee & an FMO Legal Counsel help protect your lifestyle.
  • Preferred Provider Program offers information on financial planning and long term care insurance.
  • Home Owner Association and 723 Workshops train and educate members about their rights.
  • Our members-only publication, FMO News, a magazine that provides important information about manufactured home living, is mailed directly to members 6 times a year.
All for only $22/$35 annually or $55 for three years. Cross Country Motor Club costs only an additional $30 annually.  


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